Texas Themed Decanter Set

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Texas is a lifestyle,  it's a heritage, it's both a state AND a state of mind. No one word encompasses more emotion and meaning than "Texas." Choose from the product options of decanter only or complete the set with 2 or 4 glasses.

To those who are Texan by birth or Texan by choice, our Texas whiskey decanter conveys "that" Texas feeling. It doesn't matter if you've never broken a horse or worked on an oil rig... you're a Texan and you own it.

The Texas whiskey decanter features our Imperium Decanter, a 750 ml vessel that has a solid glass, fauceted stopper. The decanter is tall, 10 5/8" high, and will be the "alpha male" decanter on your bar top.

The glasses hold 13 1/2 oz, a Texas size glass for a good bourbon. Optional engraving on the bottom of each glass, we engrave a horseshoe... an added touch that looks really cool from the top.

Our engraving is deep and superior to most. We employ a secondary blast process that deeps the accurately lasered image. We focus on creating the best product we can.

The Texas Decanter set makes a perfect gift that will be cherished for life.