Beach House Decanter Set

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Our coastal living whiskey decanter set makes the perfect housewarming or beach gift.

Choose from our product options of decanter only or complete the set with 2 or 4 glasses. We'll engrave our Carino whiskey decanter with a family name (in plural) and the location or name of the beach house. We'll add a compass rose. Our Carino decanter holds just over 23 oz, or a swig less than a fifth. The glass is thick and the top and bottom are faceted. The all glass stopper forms a tight seal.

The glasses hold a capacity of 13 1/2 oz. We'll engrave a different ocean themed image and on the back of each glass, we engrave the name and text of your choice.

The set includes the decanter and 4 glasses, as well a shipping. This set is perfect for the family who owns a beach house or condo. It also makes a nice "thank you" gift for a welcomed stay.