A Bourbon and Bull personalized whiskey decanter will be a huge hit the the retirement party for any police officer. When they open their retirement gift, they immediately see their badge deeply engraved, together with the their name and years of service. They'll see how exact the engraving is... on both the personalized decanter and custom whiskey glasses. They'll know and appreciate that you went the extra distance to provide such a meaningful gift to commemorate their many years of service. 

A personalized whiskey decanter from Bourbon and Bull is much more than vessel to hold whiskey. Our custom police officer decanter is a trophy to those who finish the race... those who retire from both the best and the worst job on the planet... where the highs don't get higher and the lows... well, they go with the job. 

The personalized whiskey decanter will be kept in an honored place on the home bar. The officer will remember the good people and experiences each time they see it or pour a good bourbon from it. 

At Bourbon and Bull, we don't have rules when it comes to honoring the BLUE. We don't limit the story to a 2" square or 26 characters.  We do what it takes to provide you with an incredible gift that you'll be proud to give and one that will be cherished for many years to come.