Duck Hunter Theme Whiskey Decanter Set

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$7.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Here's a great gift decanter set for your favorite duck hunter. We kept it simple with a vintage feel.

The decanter is our 700 ml Carino, about a swig less than a fifth. The Carino is heavy, thick glass, with faceted sides, stopper and bottom... classically cool. You can choose from the options of decanter only or complete the set with 2 or 4 glasses. The glasses hold a capacity of 13 1/2 oz. 

Our engraving is better than most anyone out there because we take the extra step of sand polishing the image to deepen the engraving. Not many will take the time that we do because we make decanters that will last many, many years.

We do not personalize this set...

None one does decanters like Bourbon and Bull. Totally cool, totally unique.