Life Behind Bars Decanter Set

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To a motorcycle enthusiast, there's nothing better than a beautiful day and an open road.  After a day of riding, a good bourbon hits the spot. Better yet if it poured from our "Life Behind Bars" decanter.  Of course, it refers to motorcycle handle bars. Choose from the product options of decanter only or complete the set with 2 or 4 glasses.

Our Magnus decanter is a big, 1000ml decanter, or almost 34 oz. The thick bottom and heavy feel makes this decanter the real deal. The solid glass stopper fits tightly. The glasses hold 13 1/2 oz, engraved with the same "Life Behind Bars" theme.

The set makes a perfect gift for any bike lover, Harley... Indian... they share a bond that only bikes know.

Our engraving is the best. We laser the image first and them sand carve it to give it depth and opacity. Few engravers do what we do.