U.S. Navy Officer Whiskey Decanter Set

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A personalized USN Officer Whiskey Decanter Set makes the perfect gift for your active duty or retired officer. 

Designing the perfect gift will take a bit of effort but we're here to guide you and present the best of what we've learned after engraving thousands of custom whiskey decanter sets. You'll see mockups and we'll change them as many times as it takes to achieve your vision. (We nail most of them the first time) A Bourbon nand Bull decanter set will be the best gift you'll ever give. 

You can purchase the decanter only or you can add 2 or 4 glasses to complete the set. We can change up the text to your vision.

We use our Imperium tall square decanter. Our whiskey glasses are extra-large 13 oz, with a thick base. The size enbalbes us to maximize the engraving to capture detail.  

Our engraving is incredible, the product of 2 processes that engrave and sandblast the images very accurately and deep. You can feel the engraving... it's very nice.

We will send a mockup before engraving to make sure we have it just right. We look forward to working with you.