Personalized Navy Mustang Whiskey Decanter Set

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Our Navy Mustang decanter set is deeply engrave with Mustang emblem, a testimony to the hard work and dedication required to attain it.

It makes a great gift for a retiring or active duty Mustang. We'll change up the decanter any way you wany. We'll swap text, art.. we're comitted to making each decanter set a special, special gift that will be cherished for life.

The Carino Decanter holds 700 ml or almost 24 oz. The square shape with fluted corners is a classic shape. The all glass stopper forms an airtight seal.  This is a beautiful decanter that will occupy a lead position in the liquor cabinet or bar top.

 The whiskey glasses hold a capacity of 13 1/2 oz. They have a nice thick sham required for a good whiskey glass. As an option, you can  include the USN Emblem engraved on the bottom of the whiskey glasses.


When you order a decanter set:

  • We'll render a mock up that we will email to you for approval. We'll make changes as many times as necessary to achieve your vision.
  • Pricing includes related military illustrations but does not include "off topic" art. Just ask us.
  • We ask for a bit of discretion in font selection. Fonts can sometimes be a bit odd... and they don't always work they way you might think. A particular font may have an ugly capital G.... or an I that looks funky... For that reason, we use a bold engraving font.