Ranch Farm Whiskey Decanter Set

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Our Personalized Ranch Whiskey Decanter Set is the perfect gift for the hardworking ranch owner.

We use our Magnus Whiskey Decanter that holds 1000 ml, or about 34 oz. It has a thick glass bottom that gives it substantial weight. The engravable stopper is all glass and fits to create an airtight seal. On the decanter, we'll engrave a name or other text in the space shown. We'll also engrave a horseshoe on the stopper.

Choose from the product options that include a decanter only or complete the set with 2 or 4 glasses.

Each of the premium whiskey glasses holds 13 1/2 oz and has a thick bottom sham with a nice heavy feel. We personalize by engraving the ranch name on each piece. As an option, you can select an engraved horseshoe on the bottom of each glass. We cut it deep so it really pops when seen from the top.

Our engraving is superior... it's deep and accurate. We used a double step process where we engrave and sandblasts each item.

This ranch themed decanter set makes a perfect gift for those who know the hard work that goes into the ranch life.