Hunting Dog Whiskey Decanter Set

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$7.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

After a day of hunting, you are "dog tired, and your faithful hunting dog is "dog tired" too. The fireplace logs burn bright red as you sip a bit of your favorite bourbon. We've created this decanter and glass set to capture that moment.

You can select the decanter alone or a set to include 2 or 4 glasses. We offer two ranges, depending on your budget and taste. The Bonum is our value range and the Carino is our premium decanter. Glassware varies according to the decanter. (See our pic showing decanter and glass profiles)

Each piece is deeply etched with a first or last name and hunting dog and duck scene. We'll use a manly font and we'll make it bold and dominant... with swirls and swooshes! We'll unleash all of our artistic schtick and deliver a work of art!

The sporting dog hunter decanter set makes a great gift for your favorite outdoorsman.

Message us with any requests... we like to hear from you!