Don't Tread On Me - Magnus Whiskey Decanter Set

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The "Don't Tread On Me" image comes from the Gadsden Flag that was designed in 1775 during the American Revolution. It was a message to the British that if you step on us, you are going to get bit. This message is as important today as it ever was.

Choose from the product options of decanter only or complete the set with 2 or 4 glasses.

Our Magnus Decanter is a thick, very good decanter with an all glass stopper. It holds 1000 ml, which is big by decanter standards. Our glasses hold 13 1/2 oz and have a nice thick bottom.

Our engraving is deep and frosted... the quality of engraving is the best available. We'll engrave a name or initial across the top of the stopper ... a really cool feature that only we do. If you choose to add glasses, We'll also engrave a name of your choice on the backside of the glasses. We use a vintage typewriter font that adds to the vintage feel of the set.

The Don't Tread On Me whiskey decanter set will make a beautiful addition to the home bar, and will last a lifetime.