8-lb Custom Hammer

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Looking for a unique and impressive gift? Look no further!

The Legacy Sledge is your choice for a truly unique and stand-out Gift. Our custom-engraved sledgehammers are perfect for any occasion, from retirements, end-of-tour gifts, and graduations to employee recognition and groundbreaking ceremonies. So why wait? We're always happy and willing to help with creative brainstorming or your graphic design needs. Drop us a message today to get started! The more details you provide, the better, even if they’re scribbled on a napkin.

We offer 6-lbs x 16-in 8-lbs x 36-in 10-lbs x 36-in 12-lbs x 36-in 16-lbs x 36-in.

All orders will come with a mock-up that requires your approval before engraving occurs. So be on the lookout for an email from us; otherwise, this may delay your item's arrival.

*These items do take time to create, even with our industrial-grade equipment. We’re sticklers for quality and detail so we kindly ask for a minimum of 14 business days. We do lots of engraving and these big guys need ample time under high energy lasers to achieve our signature depth. No shallow marks or annealing here, only deep engraving.

*Don’t see your selection option? No worries, we’ll create a private listing just for your custom order.

Prices vary based on the size and the selected engraving options (surfaces) you choose to have engraved.