USAF Custom Retirement Decanter Set

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$7.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This listing is for a custom retirement / change of command / transf out gift... where you want a patch / emblem or something else engraved on the set. We'll change it up anyway you want... glasses can be different... no rules here.

Our Carino decanter holds 700 ml, or almost 24 oz. If you open a fifth, pour a drink, the rest should fit the decanter nicely. The Carino is thick, weighty, and showy. Its stopper is all glass and form a tight seal. In adittion to the Carino, we have 5 other very good decanter shapes that can be used to fit the art, depending on what you want. If the Carino deosn't work, we'll suggest another shape. Rest assured, we got your 6.

Our glasses are premium quality, not standard bar stock used by others. We hand select them to give you the highest quality. The whiskey glasses are "man sized" and they have a nice, thick sham on the bottom that protect condensation from forming.

You can choose from the product options of decantero only or complete the set with 2 or 4 glasses. We offer an optional USAF symbol engraving on the bottom of the glassware. It's visible from the top and is really cool.

Our engraving is deep and permanent. The glasses are dishwasher safe and are lead-free.

Bourbon and Bull is licensed by the United States Air Force to produce and offer this product. Please don't buy from sourced who are not licensed.

We warrant all of our products as free from defects and fit for use.