Monogrammed Wine Stems - Set of 6

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We offer an exquisite wine stem for the perfect wine experience.

This set of 6 monogrammed wine stems is sure to be a hit either for your home service or as a gift to someone special.

The stems are made in Italy and are a one piece pulled stem. Their capacity of 18 1/4 oz makes them perfect as a multi-purposed glass, suitable for reds and whites. The glass is an unleaded crystal that is thin and strong. The rim is laser cut so there is no bead on the top like you would find on a cheap glass. The stem measures 8 1/2" tall and is 3 1/2" wide.

The shape is very contemporary and promotes a wonderful bouquet. When you are comparing wine stem quality and the experience, these stems are on top of the list.

We'll engrave the stems for the perfect personalized gift. We offer 7 font styles (see the pic)