HODL Decanter Set

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We created this Bitcoin HODL crypto whiskey decanter to help the "Hold on for dear life" actually hold on, it's been a rocky road.

We have a variety of product options to choose from. You can select 2 glasses to the full 4 glass decanter set. See the dropdown.

Our 750 ml Veritium Decanter will hold a commanding spot on the home bar. Our glasses are incredibly good whiskey glasses, made in Italy, with a capacity of 13 1/2 oz.

On the glasses, we'll engrave a bitcoin on the bottoms of the glasses, as well as HODL text on one side of the glass. On the other side of the glass, you can add personalization if selected. (either a name, initials... whatever you want) Our engraving quality surpasses 99% of the others! Why? Because we laser engrave and then sandblast the image... it's deep and permanent.

This is a Bourbon and Bull exclusive that will surely be a valued collectible when we're old enough to remember these crazy early crypto days.

Please reach out if you have any questions.