Helicopter Maritime Strike Weapons School Pacific Fleet

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This offering features the command logo of the U.S. Navy Helicopter Maritime Strike Weapons School - Pacific Fleet.  HSMWSP provides advanced air combat weapons and tactics training and standardization for ten Pacific Fleet HSM squadrons composed of MH-60R and MQ-8B aircraft. (wiki)

We can change up the set any way you'd like, we can add aircraft, text... just tlee us what you want.

Our Optimus Decanter holds 24 oz, abut a swig less then a fifth. The quality is outstanding and features and a silicon ringed stopper that is the best we've seen. The glasses hold 13 1/2 oz and are man sized, with the thick bottom. The decanter and glassware are made in Italy and engraved in the USA.

When you order a decanter set:

  • We'll render a mock up that we will email to you for approval. We'll make changes as many times as necessary to achieve your vision.
  • Pricing includes related military illustrations but does not include "off topic" art. Just ask us.
  • We ask for a bit of discretion in font selection. Fonts can sometimes be a bit odd... and they don't always work they way you might think. A particular font may have an ugly capital G.... or an I that looks funky... we'll point that out if it comes up.