Born to Ski Decanter Set

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A cracking fireplace brings warmth to the outside of the body after a day on the slopes. A single malt scotch warms the inside. The Born to Ski Decanter set was created for this moment. It testifies to the passion of the ski enthusiast... a kind of "all in" lifestyle.

The "downhill" ski scene is engraved deep into the Carino glass decanter. This is not the bunny slope... it's the skier vs the mountain slope and down is the only direction... fast is the only speed. Choose from our product options of decanter only or complete the set with 2 or 4 glasses.

The Carino holds 700 ml, a swig less than a fifth. It's heavy, fauceted, with tha thick bottom and all-glass stopper that fits snuggly.

The glasses hold 13 1/2 oz and each is engraved with a different ski "essential" including boots, poles, goggles, and skis. Optional engraving on the bottom of the glasses... a nice little touch to properly finish the set.

The ski in you life will appreciate that you took the time to get it right. They'll cherish this set for many years.